Monday, August 31, 2009

A place like no other

HOORAY! Malaysia is in her 52nd year of independence now :).

I am going to be biased and declare that Malaysia is the best country in the whole wide world! :) Minus the politics, the injustice, the education system and a whole bunch of ugliness of it.

Yes, we can't have everything. But Malaysia is beautiful and filled with so much don't you think? There is truly no other country like Malaysia.

As we move on to greater heights, times and seasons of change, or just clinging on to the hope that there will be change for the better,...

...remember the roti canai, the maggi mee goreng, the durian, the ice kacang, the pisang goreng, the sambal, the kari-kari, the rendang, the nasi lemak, the milo, the teh tarik, the asam laksa, the rojak, the satay, the ikan bakar, the char kuey teow, the pasar malam..(and the list goes on and on and on) - all you can find at the road side regardless of where you are in Malaysia, that brought (and is still bringing) all of us together. :D

I love Malaysia. I really do. :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Remember this

Image by Steven David Johnson.


Silent night.

Wind chime by the window resounding its sweet pretty tinkling twinkling bell voices.

Soft, mesmerising, inconsistent yet strong, sharp, significant..

Always fading away and showing itself again at the same time.

Very much like sea waves in the silent night. It twinkles and shines as each wave took turns bobbing up and down, reflecting and multiplying the stars and moonlight... Such beauty.

Feeling the cool breeze on your skin.

The sound of leaves rustling.

The smell of damp air.

Thunder rumbling far away.

Yet this feeling that they are coming closer with each passing moment.

It feels, sounds, and smells like it is going to rain.


Like the symphony of an orchestra, it started soft.

Sounds of busy scattering drops on rooftops.

And it slowly builds up...more, and more, and more, and MORE.

With some rumbling of the thunder here, and booming of the thunder there.

And here.

And there.

There's something calming and releasing about watching rain falls.

Big fat rain drops falling furiously unto the earth.

Like how crying soothes and releases the soul? Is is because of that?

Tears. Water. H2O.

Such a simple combination.

It feeds, moisturises, cleans, washes, purifies, carries, contains, calms, releases, gives lives, takes away lives, beautifies, damages, destroys... and so much more.

It could be passed off as nothing, to everything, to.. too much that it is powerful and violent enough that it destroys.

Wow. Who would've thought of such design, something so simple, yet so complicated, so capable of doing so much, so vast its usefulness are!

And now they become hastened whispers outside the window. Slowly fading away into nothingness.

Yet, it's just the beginning for those tiny drops of water.

....or have they always been here since the beginning?

The same old atoms and molecules?

It probably doesn't matter.

Monday, August 17, 2009


28th July 2009 10:04pm

“…And to all Malaysians, welcome home.”

Ah…those are one of the best words that I’ve heard after so long. I can’t help but smile like a retard, especially after catching the first glimpse of lights of Kuala Lumpur. And later on the sight of people, the sign boards, the ‘Malaysian-ness’ of everything, the sounds, the people, the smell.




Seven weeks and a day. I shall try my best to make the most out of it. :)


A funny scene after boarding Air Asia X:

“….Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to remind you that you are flying with Air Asia – the best low cost airline in the world.

*Voices of sheepish/sarcastic laughter and muffled voices of mumbles and exchange of comments.*


Now, it's 5 weeks and 4 days left.

I've been really REALLY dreading to go back to the UK, still am. But a friend pointed out to me that i should break that. But i guess I'm still being stubborn and refusing to face the fact that i have to leave this comfy home soon. It was even depressing going into the airport just to send a friend of to U.S the other day.

Okay okay, i will eventually do that - looking at the brighter side and embrace the challenges, and the growth pain and blood that comes with it.

Like i already told some of my friends, it was SUCH a RELIEF the moment i touched down on KLIA. I didn't realise how stressful, tired and weary I felt. And how depressing my posts were. I've forgotten how to be myself. No, let me rephrase that, i've forgotten how was i really like, let alone being myself.

Now i'd say, it's been a painfully challenging year. I definitely got what i asked for - to grow up. There's been both ups and downs of course. But it felt like the downs outweigh the ups. I'm not complaining.

It's just that i didn't understand what i was going through (that's why i stopped blogging for a while), it was really confusing. Only when i'm home, after talking to some diserning friends, i begin to be able to start seeing things a little clearer.

I've been humbled and learnt to respect people even though they might seem insignificant or have a different point of view which i disagree.

I've learnt alot about myself. As much as i don't want to be like my parents, i still inherit their personality in one way or another. It's so.....weird..and awkward. But i've learnt to embrace it. And also to embrace who i am, both my strengths and weaknesses. And learnt that i have to make the extra effort to strike a balance in the way i see things, in the way i treat people, in the way i manage my life.

And alot of other things i don't really know how to put them in words. My perspectives changed, people become more valuable, growing up in Malaysia is one of the best thing that happened. Really really!

I have to remind myself that it's already August.


That's 2009 almost coming to an end!


Seriously..i didn't realise that.

It seemed like it's just yesterday when we stepped into year 2009.

As always, i am aware that God has been the one pulling me through. Now i could see how His breaking and making me again is for good - still in the process though. And how He brought people together and His timing is just so perfect and amazing. Also, His moulding and shaping us is an on-going thing, never ends until we leave this earth.

Hopefully, hopefully, i will be restored and renewed in time before flying back to UK.

I'm not ready just yet.

"Sometimes, many times, I get so engrossed in the stories of others that I forget that I have my own story to live too."
- Me (31st Jan 2009)