Thursday, October 15, 2009

Made in greatness and for greatness

I still remember the last sunday rainy afternoon in Malaysia.

We were having our (braised? I forgot the actual name and i googled it and saw the images. argh, BAD MOVE. I'm hungry enough already. :() beef noodles in a cafe in O.U.G with Summer, Roxanne and Galen.

And i asked this question about what defines greatness. (It was started by this video clip promo for YC camp earlier that day.)

I remembered Galen said:" Bigness doesn't equal greatness."

Which is so true.

A small gesture by someone could make a great differences in touching another person's life. So, stating the obvious, greatness is about other-centred-ness, for what use is it, if life is all about ourselves?

I guess in this hi-tech, fast paced world now, making a difference isn't just limited to people around us physically. Especially for us who're in the arts, people who write, draw, design, invent, create, build, make music, sing etc.. I suppose we usually 'feel' more and are more prone to being emotional (sometimes, in one way or another) - we need it to evoke inspirations to create to express ourselves or what we want to be known through various or combinations of mediums - words, colours, paintings, pictures, sound, music, photos, pictures, videos, movies, dramas, movements, dance etc etc. And those are things that usually makes us feel and just be human.
" the end of the day, the people who make an impact on your life aren't those who teach you the most or know the most or have the smartest things to say. It's the people who make you feel, who make you come alive and make you realize that there's so much more beyond yourself that you can be." 
- Crystal Cha
But i guess, those alone are not enough, we need to have a relationship with that something in order to evoke emotions because emotions and feelings come from our relationships with people and things.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

At the end of the day...

Great God who knowest all our needs

Bless Thou our watch and guard our sleep

Forgive our sins of thoughts and deeds

And in Thy peace Thy servants keep

We thank Thee for the day that's done

We trust Thee for the days to be

Thy love we learn in Christ Thy son

O may we all His glory see


- The B.B Vesper

Its tune has always been beautiful and haunting in my opinion. Only in recent years did i realise how much those words mean.


That makes it something special i'll cherish and treasure, like the birthday cards and lil notes filled with simple words, accompanied with meaningful memories, still kept in my drawer in my room back at home. :)

Sorry non-B.B members, you wouldn't understand how much it means to some of us :P.
FYI, it's a song sang together as a prayer
after a long day at B.B, with caps held on our left shoulders, at closing parade.

What makes it better is the harmonising that sometimes happens. lol.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Assured much?

I still remember the day (not too long ago) when i broke down and bawled my eyes and heart out in front of my parents.

That never happened before - not in front of my parents (at least not during my teenage years?).

I felt so small and helpless. Like a small girl who wants her papa and mama to be there for her. (Sounds pathetic and silly, but sigh, those were one of the days where i refused to grow up. So much for becoming 20 years old. lol.) =/

All that was bottled up within me just burst through my will to hold it back.

I guess i needed some assurance.

No. Let me rephrase that.

I was unconscious that a desperate need of assurance was all i wanted and needed.

I guess you're never too old for some assurance ay?

Assured that you're loved, treasured, heard and known.

So much for being insecure. Hehe..

On another note, I'm SO SO blessed, and far from deserving it.

I can never say THANK YOU enough.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Wearing masks. As much as it is becoming a cliche topic, the issue is still very real.

We watched this video the other day in YC. Before i knew it, tears were flowing down my cheeks. Never thought i would forget about it so quickly, and i stumbled upon it yesterday night. It tugged at my heartstrings again.