Tuesday, December 29, 2009









忘了刚信主的时候,其中一个最喜欢的经文: "Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. " (1 Peter 5:7)

还有,"Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." (Matt 11:28)

看来神真的很关心我得需要,今天突然到处看到很多关于'rest' 的经文。



我想,小学老师们都能用一个字来形容我 -




感谢主在我生命里放了好多天使似的朋友来鼓励我。 :)


"他对我说:我的恩典够你用的,因为我的能力是在人的软弱上显得完全。(2 Cor 12:9)"



明天,又是一个新的开始与希望,新的挑战与奋斗。而且并不是独自一个人一步一步往前走 - 我有神为伴。:)

嘿,这大概是我六年级程度的华语吧。 :P

"一 概 都 是 藉 着 他 造 的 , 又 是 为 他 造 的 。" (Col 1:16)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Because of Love

That's Christmas for you.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jingle Bells in the snow!

It's 4:11am in the morning now but i couldn't wait until the next day to post this up!

Conductor: Jason Loh (The coolest conductor ever!!)

The left-over choir:
  • S- Kimberly, Grace Khoo, Wei En, Christina Khoo, me.
  • A- Gretha, Elaine Ho, Wen Qi.
  • T- Byron, Ben Cheong
  • B- Ngee Zheng, Hon Chien

Hope you enjoyed the video! And that's my lil Christmas gift to you all i guess. heh.

That's just a tiny lil portion of joy, of my experience with the Solid Rock choir. It's been so much fun! It feels just like playing in the brass band. :) ...or maybe better. :D

(Solid Rock is basically a Christian Fellowship made up mostly by Malaysian/Singaporean/international students based in Nottingham University.)

The Solid Rock choir was 'formed' for the purpose of performing for the annual 'Reason For The Season' Christmas event earlier this month (pictures can be found in Facebook if it interests you).

But even after the event ended, alot of us couldn't bear to face the fact to stop singing together just like that because we just enjoyed it too much.

So, Jason arranged for us to sing carols at his church (The Christian Center, Talbot Street, Nottingham) at the entrance inside and just be a blessing to people coming in and going out. There are just a few of us because the rest of the choir have gone home/somewhere else for Christmas.

The story behind this video:

We were practicing inside halfway through when it started snowing! (It has already been snowing for the past few days.)

As jakun as we are, we became quite distracted (as we always do. I find it very funny that we're like a bunch of kids! Jason has to constantly 'lecture' and remind us to focus.) and a few people had this crazy idea of singing in the snow.

After awhile, Jason went like:" Okay, Let's sing in the snow."

And so we did! :D

Though it's just one song. It's too cold. :P

Thank You God for this joy, from being with this bunch of people i can call home. Well, it's been awhile that i haven't felt this at home. :)

P/S: Thanks Kimberly for uploading this video! :D

Merry Christmas y'all!! :)