Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our dreams drench us in senses, and senses again steep us in dreams.

The meaning of the details and everything is totally AWESOME! Found this at Jun Mei's .

Now i wish i stayed in TOA a lil longer to learn typography, though you guys had been saying that it's such a pain in the *ss.

"If eyes are meant for seeing
then beauty is its own excuse for being."
"Sound conducts the symphony of life. "
"Everyone eats & drinks
but few appreciate taste."
"Nothing conjures a more vivid memory
than a familiar scent."
And my favourite:
"The sense of touch
adds dimension to our existence."

"A is for another try. "
- Brent Barson 

Friday, February 5, 2010

Innocent eyes

 I adore her eyes.

A quick 1-hour-plus-to-2 hours sketch (Wasn't really aware of the time). My first (rough) figure in a long time. I think my drawing skills deteriorated quite abit, but thankfully not too much.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, going through another season of breaking and change (in the mind). It's been painful and hard. I guess, finally, the thought that life IS  indeed hard is being drummed into my mind and being. Taking the effort to find joy in the midst of sorrow is daunting, but necessary, to stay sane. (That's why Christimas is totally needed in December. It gives people a reason to celebrate in the cold, depressing winter.) The thought of growing up and being responsible (plus the loneliness) has been overwhelming at times. I realised my feelings plays a major part of my being. I actually have to muster up the strength to feel responsible in order to be responsible. I can hardly imagine becoming like people who don't really feel. It'll be like an empty shell, very machine-like. (No offence to people who don't really feel :P. Of course, you have huge advantages.)

I've learnt to rest in being 'on the way' instead of feeling the need to finish or to reach the destination as soon as possible. Though sometimes i long for the time where i could 'settle down', have everything sorted and figured out, and to be able to rest. But, slowly and surely, i'll be there.

Maybe ignorance IS bliss.

But too much bliss can destroy, i think.