Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Daddy! Can you push me??"

While i was struggling to catch my breath as i ran, she was so loud and persistent - wouldn't give up until her father gave her what she wanted. Annoying much? It's one of those things that makes you secretly smile too.

It wasn't until we grew a lil older that we discovered that we could do it ourselves. No need to wait anymore, and other kids who are not strong enough to push us high enough and give us the exhilaration we wanted. Was that how it happened? The morphing of a child into a grown-up, selfishness took on a different form and hid itself better, but oh still the same old inside, maybe worse.

Ugliness aside, it'll still be most fun to have a dad who is more than willing to come into our petty playground and push us to the greatest heights.

Apart from his strength, it's because of the love He has for us - the healing balm that soothes us, calms our restlessness and gives us the greatest assurance that everything is gonna be alright.

And that when we call, He would gladly come and pick us up and carry us on His shoulders.

Now, to get down from the swing and start walking again, through the small gate, onto the hard and narrow road to life which strips the self away, in the name of love, becoming like daddy.

P.S: Super quick sketch, and my first time digital-colouring something! Hence the amateur strokes :D 

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